Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad Timing

Today we woke up to a weather forecast predicting a break in the clouds this afternoon. It's the eighth straight day of rain, so an afternoon of sun was something I did not want to miss. It stopped raining long enough yesterday for us to go for a walk but the entire time it still looked like the sky was on the verge of opening up again, but this afternoon was actually supposed to be sunny!

In an attempt to ensure that Aiden would be awake and in a good enough mood for a trip to the park, I tried to see if he would nap a little early today. I put him down around 10, which is only an hour earlier than he usually naps, and hoped hoped hoped he would fall asleep. He seemed quiet on the monitor for a while, so when I was pretty sure he was asleep I went to peek in on him. He was sitting nestled in the corner of his crib, quietly scratching at a scab on his knee. Occasionally he would stop to count his fingers (this involves him pointing carefully at each finger of one hand, sing out "!". We're working on new numbers but he's pretty content to stick with one).

He was not about to fall asleep, so I got him up and we played for awhile. At noon I started making lunch while he listened and danced to some music. I was relieved because he was dancing around the living room looking pretty energetic. We shared some avacado (his new favorite food) and empanadas for lunch and he was still trucking along as I was cleaning up lunch.
Just as I put the last lunch dish away, he looked up at me, sighed heavily, and laid down right on the hardwood floors. So now, with the sun brightly shining, I'm inside folding laundry while Aiden naps.

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Vicki said...

I wish I could see him counting