Friday, May 8, 2009

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Aiden Giraffe and Mommy Giraffe

The giraffe has been Aiden's favorite toy this week. This afternoon he had me play a game with him and his giraffe, and I'm guessing here, but I'm pretty sure the name of the game was "Make Mommy Feel Like She Has Arthritis". He started by running around, giraffe in one hand, the other dragging his little walker behind him.

I was watching him do laps through the living room and kitchen like this, when I innocently pointed to his Yookidoo and said "Are you going to park in there?" which in baby language must've sounded like "Me play too!". He ran over, rummaged through his toys and emerged clutching a second plastic giraffe, for me. Then, he yanked my hand over to the handle of the walker and indicated that this is where we start dragging.

So, for quite awhile I toddled next to him, bent nearly in half and trying not to whack my shins and shoulders on the furniture. He kept smiling at me as if to say "SEE? Isn't this the greatest game you've ever played?" His crazed giggling certainly made it seem so.

Sean and I are young parents, and while that has it's own share of drawbacks and difficulties, I have to think that if I were eight or ten years older there's no way I'd be hunched over, giraffe in hand, helping Aiden drag his toys around for that long. It seems so worth it when we're playing silly things like this and I feel like I can get really involved instead of just supervising.

In the end, I feel like the resulting backache is more a badge of honor, and besides, I'd much rather play this game than last nights game, which was called "Oh No, What Did Aiden Just Flush Down The Toilet?".

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