Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

The Joys of A New Baby

Four Months Old

What It's All About

This weekend I had BIG PLANS, most of which involved sleeping in and having delicious meals cooked for me by my boys, and basically relaxing because after all, it was Mother's Day. Well, let's just say it didn't exactly turn out that way.

Sean cooked breakfast Saturday, so that was one meal I got out of. I wanted us all to go to the park that afternoon, but neither one of them wanted to, so I went by myself, but they were nice enough to vacuum while I was out. Sean, remembering I had briefly mentioned that I'd like to go into Manhatten this weekend, took us all into the Financial District to see the building where he works and some other historic banks. This was entertaining, until we realized that our train home didn't stop at any of the nearby stations on the weekends, and we had to catch a different train and transfer, and it was a very long and tiring trip home.

On Sunday we went for a walk, and while I was glad to be with my family, I was wondering what happened to my luxurious plan for the weekend. Mid-thought, two separate people stopped us to wish me a happy Mother's Day. It was like they were reading my thoughts, and hearing that sentiment from total strangers was so validating I suddenly realized that every time Sean had offered to let me sit and relax I had jumped up two seconds later to help him with whatever it was that Aiden needed. I realized, I prefer all the craziness of taking care of Aiden over sitting it out.

This time last year I was just dying for a break, a nap, a meal to myself. That first year was so exhausting and mind boggling, it was like taking Organic Chemistry while completeing military bootcamp. This year, I need that break less and less. As Aiden gets older, and Sean and I figure out what we're doing, if becomes *gasp* FUN. I used to think that this whole thing was so tiring and difficult because we were young, but I realize now that it's the way every parent feels, no matter what. Only a year later and the amount of confidence, knowledge and fun we have is enormous.

I am so lucky to have spent a wonderful Mother's Day with my two favorite guys, and all of the running around, the cleaning up spilled Cheerios and waking up to a noisy "Dad dad dad, Ma Ma Ma!" at six on a Saturday, it's all so worth it.

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Vicki said...

I get myself too emotion when I was reading it. It is so sweet.