Friday, May 29, 2009

Apartment Fever

While Tuesday was a perfectly lovely day, full of sun and cool tempratures, the rest of this week has turned warmer and full of rain. The apartment has been hot and sticky, especially today, and Aiden is getting more and more cooped up. Even for the hour or so that it's finally stopped raining today I didn't want to take him out because they keep predicting nasty thunderstorms.

This means we are both quickly running out of patience and it's a good thing Sean will be home for the weekend soon. I've tried to take this time indoors to clean, which is pretty foolish because it just results in me cleaning, and him tossing things around again (or quietly removing a jar of minced garlic from the fridge, half opening the top and then spilling it all over our rug without so much as a peep so that I stumble upon it five minutes later and have to call my mother to ask whether baking soda or lemon juice will get the stench out).

Proof of how dire the situation is: we were eating dinner and I turned to Sean and said "Hey I was watching Sesame Street today and they taught us how to count to ten in sign language, wanna see me do it?". He just stared at me...probably because I'm more enthusiastic about displaying my knowledge gained from Big Bird than from my PhD-holding college professors. He then promised to take me to Starbucks tomorrow and talk about grown up things.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Starbucks, Addie and I ran into Nate working tonight at the Clifton Park Red Robin. He looks great and keeps in touch with Kevin. He says hi and good luck!