Monday, June 1, 2009

That Thing Everyone's Been Dreading

So, Aiden's hair. Yeah. It's gotten really long. We all knew it had to be cut at some point. Even though Sean and I considered letting him grow it out to his knees and parade around like Samson, it really really needed to be cut. His hair has been such a defining feature of him, since before he was born! When I was in labor the doctor leaned over and said to Sean: "you must be Asian because only Asian babies have hair this long". It was so thick and black I thought he'd need a haircut by the time he was four months, but instead it got thinner and started falling out. Only this winter did it really grow back and start to curl.

It got really really really long. Down to his nose in the front and his shoulders in the back. We had to start swooping it to the side in a style my mother said resembled Donald Trump. No one wishes that on their child. It didn't help that stranger after stranger felt compelled to stop and compliment my beautiful daughter and her lovely hair. Even when I dressed him in the most rugged looking clothes he owned, that hair was still in his eyes, in his ears and beginning to get grizzly and haggard looking.

So, despite the warnings (he'll scream when you cut it! it'll never be the same! he won't look like a baby anymore!) we went ahead and bit the bullet. The one thing I knew was that I was going to do it myself. If Aiden were a girl I would've had the opportunity to buy and dress someone in those delicious gossmer dresses and bows, instead I get to pick Dinosaurs or robots, so it's only fair that I get to play stylist at least once.

Altogether, it was pretty uneventful. No screaming, no freaking out. He sat very still for me, but would occasionally brush the scissors away if they interupted his conversation with Dad. He also frowned when I got some hair on his high chair tray. Other than that though, it was perfect. Don't worry, I saved an entire envelope full of curls.

I wanted to get a lot of pictures, but after sitting so still it was hard to photograph him, so enjoy these partially fuzzy ones and everyone will get to see him soon!

And voila, he came out on the other side with his adorable personality in tact, still Aiden...


Vicki said...

Please don't throw away his hair; we could show it to his son and future wife.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss the curls! But I am glad you got to play stylist!! I can't wait to see him