Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

This weekend we really didn't do too much. We went to the park both days, and discovered a new nature trail that leads to the park boathouse, which was neat, except it was quite a hike and we were exhausted afterwards. The reason why we took such long walks was because it's one of the only ways that Aiden will fall asleep. We realized he has two top molars coming in, and his front canines (which for most people wouldn't be so bad, but in my family we've got long sharp sabertooth tiger-like canines) so that makes four teeth all at once.

He hasn't napped much all week, and wakes up at six. Rather than slow him down, he's become more frenetic than ever, which I didn't think was possible. If I sit down for a moment he grabs my hand and yanks until I give it and run around behind him. If I try and stop to make dinner or clean up he sits between my ankles whining and moaning. He just doesn't stop.

Sean and I are ending this weekend totally worn out. I'm hoping that getting back into a routine will help calm him down, and maybe, just maybe, he will take a nap or at least let me sit down for five minutes. Even just two minutes would be okay.

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