Friday, June 5, 2009

Bigger and Bigger

Dads sneakers fit him perfectly now.
Just kidding.

Last night we were getting Aiden ready for bed, and I was picking out some pajamas for him. I knew it was supposed to be chilly and I was trying to find one of his fleece pairs, I couldn't remember which pair fit best so I grabbed the biggest ones he had. This is a white pair with airplanes on it, and three weeks ago it fit him quite loosely; he'd trip on the end of the feet when he tried to run around in them. We were struggling to get Aiden dressed, which I attributed to the fact that he was wriggling and squirming, and I couldn't get the zipper up. When he stood up we realized that these pajamas were skin tight and the neck was stretched over the top of his shoulders. Three weeks ago they fit over him!!! They were even too big!!!

We were used to him suddenly sprouting over night when he was an infant, but his growth seemed to taper off after one. We could tell when clothes were getting too small but he never shot out of them like he used too. Until now, anyway. None of his pants even reach his ankles anymore, and his one piece pajamas are useless. He's even looking less like a string bean and more proportional now. I'm curious to see just how big he is when we go to the doctor in a couple weeks, but I'm starting to feel like I need to join a gym and do some serious working out because he's such a handful now.

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Sandy Jenney said...

It is amazing how fast they grow! How funny that they PJ's used to be big 3 weeks ago. Has he been eating a lot of food lately? LOL