Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After Aiden's nap yesterday I really got down to business and started pulling out boxes and putting away what we could afford to live without for a few days. I've managed to find a good balance between packing and getting ready while not filling the apartment with boxes that we have to fish through to find anything. That being said, Aiden is still wandering around looking at everything that's getting packed away and I can see the curiosity in his eyes.

For all of the stress that adults feel during a move, I have to wonder how hard it is for Aiden. For the past year and half we have been hopping from house to house in an effort to maintain as much family stability as possible (sounds like a huge paradox right?). When Aiden was first born, Sean had a week left in his semester, so he was in Boston while we stayed with my mother. A week later we moved to Sean's. Six months later, when Sean had to head back to Boston, we headed back to my mother's. Six months after that we moved to Brooklyn. Now, once again, we're heading back to Sean's. The moves were not bad at all when we shuffled between Sean and my mother, the houses are a couple streets away from each other and we made the moves to have the most family around as possible.

When we moved to Brooklyn it was a different story. For the first time Aiden wasn't around people he knew, it was very noisy and he'd never seen this place in his life. It took two weeks for him to stop clutching my leg every time I stood up. My heart broke for him. Moving home, I know he'll be fine even though Daddy will be away sometimes, because there are friends and family and all of the familiar things he knows.

The stress of moving it absolutly tempered knowing that this may be our last move for a long time. For all of the shuffling and moving and trying to figure out where we fit, I think that Sean, Aiden and I are finally going to be able to settle. So, for all my moaning and groaning, I'm going to keep that silver lining in my head.

A mover.......

....and a shaker


Midori みどり said...

Had some experienced before about moving while the kids are still very young.It was not some pleasant memories...but until settle down,everything will be fine.All the best to you!

Marie Reed said...

I'm over from the FMC and am following you now:) Happy Blogging!


Can't relate to kids and moving. But I have moved a 1000 times. It sux. And the pics are adorable! Stopping by from SITS!