Friday, April 23, 2010

Refined, but Fierce

Aiden has started doing this hilarious thing where when I say "CLAWS!" he puts up his claws and growls. All morning I was following him around with the camera, trying to get him to show how fierce and scary he can be, and instead I catch him on film with Sean's sister's tea set. Right. Well, James Bond was British, so I'm sure he drank tea, and he's still very manly. And fierce.

Now Aiden would like a turn to film. Listen to how clearly he can say "No. No mom."


LauraES said...

HOLY MOTHER. That is one cute kid. I think my godchild is the cutest godchild a godmother could ask for. I just watched these videos like 100 times each!

Kelyn Petrie said...

Haha, I constantly show people at school how cute Aiden is! These videos are adorable. Maybe when he graduates from high school you can find these videos to put in the back of his yearbook (because at that time, we're all going to be getting mini computers instead of books.)

Tierney said...

I was in a bad mood last night, and people were coming over, so I had to be social and happy. So to cheer myself up I watched your son be adorable. Yes, I need a life, but god, that kid makes me smile <3