Monday, April 5, 2010

Fooling Around With Sean's Camera

In an attempt to master Sean's fancy camera, I took some pictures of our typical after dinner activities. Yeah, I definitely need to brush up on all of my aperture/shutter speed/light and framing knowledge, but I think some of them turned out pretty good, others were surprisingly tricky.

Spring plants, which turned out pretty good:

Aiden digging in the dirt, some of which were okay:

Bear, protecting the livestock, er, the humans:

My beautiful husband, who is difficult to photograph because he avoids the camera:

Eek! Whats that? Oh, just a practice shot in our very dusty mirror. Yikes:


LauraES said...

Love Aiden #2. Want to frame it.

Kelyn Petrie said...

Where are you? Where is that blue wall? I must investigate your house again soon.