Sunday, April 18, 2010

Changes Afoot

We are steadily creeping closer to our move to Charleston. Sean started work last Monday, which is providing him with a lot of good challenges and exciting prospects, and I have just two weeks of class left. At first we were really worried about how Sean was going to fare in this training portion of his new job. He has had three 'tests' so far! Turns out, he's really smart and an extremely hard worker and picks up on things pretty quickly. I, on the other hand, was not at all worried about these last two weeks because I am thisclose to being done with all of my work, and I only have one real final to worry about. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case. I have been butting heads with one professor and it feels like an eternity until I can say goodbye to his class forever.

One exciting step we've made is to finally choose an apartment! YAY! It's a relief to know that the movers aren't just going to drop us and our living room furniture onto the side of the road in Charleston, we'll actually have a place to live. It's a nice place, with a pool, and bear can come which should help keep Aiden comfortable.

I just remember how clingy and agitated Aiden was when we first moved to Brooklyn. I'm hoping to avoid that this time since he'll have the dog, and his super cool bed and all of his favorite stuff, plus a swimming pool. Swimming pools always make change easier.


LauraES said...

A pool?! I can't wait to come visit!

Kelyn Petrie said...

I agree, swimming pools DO always make a change easier. I'm so excited for you guys!

Tierney said...

I loooove Bear's haircut!!!!