Thursday, April 8, 2010

He Puts the Color Inside of My World

*photos by Kelyn*

When Sean and I were first starting to register for items on our bridal registry, neither of us really knew what we liked. Sean knew he liked blue...and stripes. I liked pink...but definitely not for housewares.

However, taking one look around our apartment made it pretty clear that Aiden's toys were going to have to factor into the equation. They were, and still are, and will be, EVERYWHERE. Not only are they everywhere, even when I carefully put them all away they're still peeking out from corners and bins and drawers, and they're bright and colorful and impossible to miss. Trying to reconcile that with any semblance of 'mature' decor would be impossible, so I embraced them in all there neon glory and have since designed the house around them.

Let's just say, we LOVE color over here.

Birdsong Blue in the guest bedroom

New Willow in the little room
(You and I know this color is yellow, but Sean HATES yellow, and I found this in the 'green' category and it was the only reason Sean let me pick it, so if he asks: it's green)

The front section of the master bedroom, since Kelyn didn't know it was blue.

Red living room...and Sean!


LauraES said...

Heart the yellow! It looks awesome.

June & Sean said...

Thanks, notice I didn't call it a nursery or 'the baby's room' since I knew you'd make fun of me. At least I haven't put the crib in there and used a Cabbage Patch doll as a pretend infant.

Kelyn Petrie said...

Thanks for decoding your house for me! I love all of the colors! Sorry about the Aiden photos... I'll be back on the book of faces soon!

AshleyPants said...

Love it! Very bold! And the yellow is awesome!!

Demosthenes said...

As a lighting designer, I positively love bold colors. Pretty much the only thing I regret about my apartment is that it has stark white everything - walls, ceilings, carpet, kitchen, bathroom... even the balcony is a sort of whiteish-grey cement! I try to throw in color where I can with furniture and linens and whatnot, but it would be nice to have my own house where I can paint everything as I like!

I especially love that bedroom brilliant blue!