Monday, July 30, 2012

One Month of Awesome

What? I've been with these people for four weeks?!

 Rory is one month old! It seems like he's been here for about two days, so wow, I can't believe four weeks has gone by so fast. He had his checkup today and is in the 77th percentile for height, 34th for weight and the measly 7th percentile for head size. He joins his brother and his mother in the ranks of people with heads the size of a grape. 

We've been out and about a little bit in the past few weeks taking Aiden to the park when we can and even venturing down to Cooperstown. The Cooperstown trip was kind of a failure due to car problems and the fact that Aiden had zero interest in the Baseball Hall of Fame i.e. the entire point of the trip. Neither Sean nor I had considered the fact that each exhibit requires a lot of reading, and after looking at the umpteenth old baseball bat Aiden was over the whole thing. Still, it was nice to get out.

Other than our occasional forays out into the real world, we've still been spending a lot of time hanging out at home. Aiden has a sweet set up in the back yard with a water and sand table, cars, toys and enough sidewalk chalk to last him until college. Many days are spent with me and Rory hanging out on the chaise lounge while Aiden has adventures all over the yard. He is as obsessed as ever with bugs. He has a little "bug catcher" he made at school that gets a lot of use and definitely keeps him occupied for hours.

I'm so used to getting out of the house with Aiden as often as possible that this summer and our pseudo summer camp at home situation has taken some getting used to. I felt really guilty at first about not being able to spend hours and hours at the park or the pool with him like we used to but now I'm seeing that Aiden is still having a blast. He can find a million things to do right here at home and watching him bound around the backyard chasing butterflies or digging in the sand table or drawing family portraits on the patio has me realizing that he isn't missing out on anything. 

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