Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Weekend

I started my last semester this past Wednesday, and that old familiar anxiety about school is back. I don't know when it started, sometime in college, but I've become one of those people who always think they are on the verge of failing and then end up with an A-. I've been doing really well in school, but not without major stress and general mental anguish.

This weekend has been a great chance to just stop freaking out about missing text books and professors who mumble and instead help my mom make cupcakes for the church dinner, and wrestle with the dog, and do the laundry and go grocery shopping. It's funny how all those things that usually seem like chores are suddenly welcoming and comfortable.

The one thing that has been different about this semester is having Sean as a temporary stay at home dad. I cam home on Friday to a sparkling clean house and a very happy child. It was a great start to a very relaxing weekend.


LauraES said...

THE VIDEO IS NOT WORKING, I NEED MY FIX! Glad you had a good weekend. Miss you.

Tierney said...

Send me a cupcake? And your son??

June & Sean said...

Larry, it's working, I promise! I hope it's not your computer.

Also, can you hear Garrison Keillor in the background?

LauraES said...

I saw it, I miss him, and thankfully no I could not hear Nasal Keillor.