Thursday, January 7, 2010


So, I didn't post much (okay, anything) this fall. I was working my way through my last difficult semester ( I just finished the requirements for my business minor) and it was a little too much. However, now that my best friend/Aiden's godmom is about to move all the way across the country to lovely San Fransisco, and Sean will be out of state for training, I figured I'd better start it up again.

This is the perfect time to get going again I'm out of school until the 20th, when I start my last semester (you have no idea how thrilling that is) and Seany won't be starting his BIG! NEW! JOB! until mid February. We've basically been taking these past three weeks as our honeymoon, and we tend to not get out of our pajamas until four p.m. and we eat cookies for breakfast and watch Disney movies until the wee hours of the night. IT'S BEEN AWESOME.

I definitely think Aiden has been loving having both parents home, and this has been our first really long break together. Usually Sean starts a co-op right after New Years, but now we've had some time to just do a whole lot of nothing and it's been bliss. I guess it's getting to Sean since he decided to apply for a temp job working on the 2010 census. He was all "honey, we don't get dressed until 4p.m. and we watch movies all day, I have to have something to do with myself" and I'm all "honey, how are you going to take a temp job when we are so busy not getting dressed until 4p.m.??? And what about all of the movies? They're not going to watch themselves!".

Yep, married life has been a whole lot of fun.

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