Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Come Back From San Francisco...

Today Laura left for her big cross country road trip, on her way to a new state, a new school and a new life. This was a plan in the making for quite some time, but that doesn't change the fact that it has still left Sean and I standing here, scratching our heads and wondering where all the time went and what we're supposed to do now. I knew it would be hard on us, since she is my best friend in the entire world, and we've been kind of gobsmacked by how much will change and what a good yet terrible thing her move will be.

Laura is Aiden's godmother, a role delegated to her long before Sean and I ever had a child and long before I ever even met him. A godmother is a moral guide, someone who knows exactly how you'd like to raise your child and is there to help the parents accomplish it . She has done that wonderfully so far, and I know she will continue no matter where she is.

Aiden will miss her, but he has the blessing of being too young to fully absorb her absence. He will still have lots of family and friends around, but I can't help thinking about all of the little things he still has to learn from her. She'd probably be the one he'd go to if he ever tried to run away, and the one he'll talk to about his first girlfriend and his first beer. Maybe he'll come talk to us first, but if not, I'd want it to be her because I know exactly what she'd say and do: the same thing I would. That's why she's his godmother, because I trust her that much.


Kelyn Petrie said...

Don't make me cry.

LauraES said...

It made me bawl but I was grateful for it!