Sunday, January 17, 2010

Foster Child....Sort of

So, we're watching Sean's mother and stepfather's dog while they are out of the country for business. I have always wanted a dog, so I was totally thrilled, and it helps that she's just a little snuggle lump.

Well, she's a big snuggle lump, and she's some sort of lab mix, and her name is Bear. Aiden loves her so much, but definitely takes on the big brother role in their relationship. I'm pretty sure they're on the same cognitive level at this point, although Bear is potty trained and Aiden is not. There is nothing funnier than a two year old, who happens to be shorter and weighs about thirty pounds less, bossing the dog around. He walks up to her and says "Gogo, here!" and they mosey off down the hall together (Gogo is Chinese for dog). He is constantly showing her his toys and telling her what she can and can't do. We finally had to tell Aiden he wasn't allowed to bother her when she laid down because for twenty minutes he stood over her and babbled on and on to her about who-knows-what, when all she wanted was a nap. Welcome to my world Bear.

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