Saturday, March 30, 2013

His Story

Aiden has recently fallen in love with coloring and writing. He loves to make really elaborate scenes with animals, people, bugs, houses and trucks. Lots of trucks. He's been working on his letters and he's started adding words to these scenes.

The other night I was trying to cook dinner and entertain Rory so when Aiden started getting out of hand I asked him to sit down and write me a story. Instead of sitting and asking me how to spell out the words he sat hunched over a piece of cardboard he'd rescued from the recycling and painstakingly wrote out...something. I couldn't see what he was writing but he was quiet and focused and that was enough for the moment.

A little later he proudly presented the finished masterpiece:

It says: Copyright! Hess! Corporation! Made! In China!

I think I've heard this story before.

 If you can't tell, exclamations are his favorite type of punctuation. 

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Kel said...

I see an author in the making.