Friday, March 15, 2013

Boys Being Boys

We are about five (ish?)  days away from spring. Naturally, the weather is still stuck somewhere in early February. I'm trying to be really patient with it but the 30 degree temperature with bonus blowing snow we had today is bringing me down. We briefly flirted with 50 degrees last weekend and it was awesome. We went for walks, spent hours playing outside and now it's gone! All gone.  Mostly, I just want to be able to take the boys out to the park. They are going bananas in here, even with our super cool finished basement where I can make Aiden run laps. They need some more fresh air.

Lately Aiden has been so....boyish. I can't even come up with a better word. He's been acting like such a BOY. I don't know if it's his rough and tumble buddy from school rubbing off on him or if he's just wound up from winter or what. He's like a coiled spring that will randomly come unsprung and suddenly the house is turned upside down. Papers go flying, stacked books explode all over the place and innocent dogs or little brothers are likely to be knocked over. The funny thing is that he doesn't even realize how physical he's being. He can't seem to help all the running, leaping and somersaulting. He's worn holes in seven pairs of pants this month. SEVEN.

I tried scolding him but he always looks at me, totally bewildered, because he honestly can't help the energy. I've had to gain a lot of patience. Today he picked up a box out of the recycling, and without even thinking, tossed it across the room knocking a bunch of pictures over. He could tell I was about to lose it when he said "I didn't take out anything living! Let's cheer for that!". I just fell over  laughing. HE'S SUCH A BOY.

Rory is completely in on this plan to drive me crazy. He has started crawling. Not belly-off-the-floor crawling, but this funny little army-style crawl where he uses one leg to push and one arm to pull. It looks ungainly but he's surprisingly speedy. It doesn't help that he has a new found fascination with drawers and doors. Anything that can be opened, shut, slammed or that he can generally hit himself with or pinch his fingers in. He loves noise. Noise and danger. SUCH A BOY.

He's nine months and weighs as much as Aiden weighed at a year. So basically, I'm really happy he's not a faster crawler and I'm beyond okay that he shows no signs of standing let alone walking yet. I'm just not ready for that. I need to get in better shape first.


Rory is still babbling a lot. He has learned that letting out a blood curdling shriek will cause mommy and daddy leap up and come running and he thinks it's hilarious. All morning he would let out a scream and then laugh and laugh. Scream and laugh. We need a new game. He doesn't say "mama" or "dada" but he says "Ay ah". Yeah, Aiden. Whenever he knows Aiden is near by he'll sit there calling "Ay ah! Ay ah!".

Other than the extreme boyness they are both displaying, they are the best ever. Sean and I have been having so much fun with both of them. Everyday they seem to have more and more fun with each other, even if that means wreaking havoc sometimes.

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