Monday, February 27, 2012


I keep meaning to update the blog but everything has been so calm lately. Sean just had a four day weekend and Aiden has had the whole week off for winter break and we've done nothing. Life has been blissfully uneventful.

Our big project to finish the basement is nearly complete. We had to spend last weekend picking out tile and cabinets and other boring this-is-only-exciting-for-us kinds of things. I'm so beyond excited to have a space where Aiden can run free without having to worry about furniture getting wrecked or having toys spilling out from everywhichway. There will be more space for his toys (and his brother's eventual toys!) and lots of soundproofing so it can be a kid sanctuary.

We also went out and bought a new crib since the one Aiden had used was handed down a few times and pretty wobbly. Aiden the Acrobat certainly did a number on it. In addition to a new crib we bought a bassinet and a new infant car seat, all of which are now piled up in the hallway until old things can be stored in the storage area of the nearly finished basement or assembled in the baby's room. When the basement is finished we'll be moving a few things down there and rearranging, so right now we're in limbo. This is not normally I state I deal well with but for now it's just fine.

Everything's a little messy but it's because big things are happening. We've spent this week all piled on the couch together as a family, listening to the constant whir and smack of hammers and drills in the basement and I keep grabbing hands to let them feel the swishes and kicks inside my belly. We're certainly under construction.


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more news!! How about his friend birthday party