Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're Having A...

Boy! Yeah. Another boy, oh boy. Sean and I are excited, it will be nice to have two little boys and hey, we'll save a ton of money on clothes. We both had a hunch from the beginning it would be a boy but now we've got hard proof in the form of ultrasound pictures.

My doctors have been doing a whole battery of tests the past couple of months, all of which came back normal. We did have a little bit of panic however, when she mentioned that the baby had a tiny calcified spot on it's heart. Both Sean and I were immediately wondering if this was dangerous, in need of surgery or otherwise cause for alarm. The doctor assured us that it's not dangerous, it doesn't need any treatment and doesn't affect the heart in any way. It can be a marker for Down's Syndrome but our age combined with the fact that every one of the other multiple (more reliable) markers for Down's was negative means it's most likely nothing and will fade with time. Which then made me wonder, WHY DID YOU TELL US? Do they enjoy watching us panic? At home I sat down and did some research and not only does it sound like we have absolutely nothing to worry about, but apparently it's much more common in children of Asian or mixed Asian descent. So, we're not worried, and after talking about it, we decided that even if we had a child with Down's we wouldn't do a thing differently.

Aiden was thoroughly underwhelmed by the baby news. He had been hoping for girl, but mostly, he just really doesn't care much about this baby that he can't see or touch or play with. Some days he likes to hold my belly and sing to it and other days he asks us to please stop talking about it and help him find his crayons. I'm sure he'll form some strong opinions once the baby's born but for now I can understand his disinterest.

Aiden has been very busy at school and next week they are having a big Valentine's Day party. He and I are going to make some heart cookies that he can decorate over the weekend and he's got a whole bunch of glitter and stamps to make Valentine's for his classmates. I'm not very crafty but I figure it only needs to look like a 4 year old made them, so I'm safe. Hopefully Sean and I will get out one evening for a dinner date but that may not be until after V Day.

All of this baby excitement, combined with the unseasonably warm weather we've been having, are making the winter seem to fly by. Normally February seems like a long slog but this year it can't help feeling like spring is just around the corner.

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Vicki said...

Congratulations, I don't like doctor's attitude.