Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Wow, usually I don't wait two weeks to put up a blog post. I kept taking pictures and thinking of things I wanted to write down but then the weather got warmer. We started spending almost every day at the park or walking by the river and I kept forgetting to post anything. And then life got crazy. Sean's job has gotten crazier. I didn't think it was possible to add more stress and hours to an already ridiculous schedule but they always manage think up new ways to do it. It's amazing.

Anyways, we did manage to sneak off to Boston for a day and a half last weekend. This trip had been a lifeline for weeks, we just kept looking forward to it and counting down the days. I imagined a couple of sunny days leisurely roaming around the city, chatting with college friends and dining out. In reality it was about forty degrees with 30mph winds. We had dinner with friends the first night and the rest of the time was just us. The city was a madhouse with crowds pouring in for both a Redsox home game and...the Boston Marathon. Yeah, whoops, we didn't realize we'd picked the same weekend.

What could have been a desperate weekend of dodging crowds and bone chilling high winds was actually really relaxing. It was nice to visit friends, however briefly, and it was a relief to be out of town, alone together, and just not thinking about work or chores or anything other than how many pastries we could eat for breakfast.

Aiden had a wonderful time and was thoroughly amazed by things like tours buses, the facade of one particular Chinese restaurant and the pigeons in Boston Commons. Easy to please.

What was perhaps the most amazing thing was that Aiden, who has a tendancy towards anxiety over new things, willingly slept alone in one of the hotel beds, tried lots of new foods, happily chatted with people he hadn't seen in a year and beautifully behaved the entire time. That alone felt like the best vacation I could have asked for.

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