Monday, April 4, 2011

Overnight Guest

Bear is staying with us for a few days while Sean's mom is out of town and Aiden couldn't be more excited. I was a little worried how Bo and Bear would get along since she's skittish around other dogs and he's just never been around any since leaving his sisters.

I left the two of them together Sunday while Aiden and I went to church. When we headed out Bear was nervously whining and Bo was running circles around her. When we got back the two of them were curled up together and perfectly calm.

Guest of honor.

Resident canine.

Fifty pound difference.

I'm glad that they seem to get along so well. Bear is always very calm and sedate and doesn't seem to mind both Bo and Aiden zinging around her in circles. Bo even tries to herd her like a sheep. When they go out together he waits for her at the door and follows behind, always keeping an eye on her.

Seriously, I need to take a page out of her book because nothing seems to faze her. Maybe she recognizes that all of the noise and attention is just their way of showing love? Or maybe she's just too lazy to shoo them away?

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