Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sowing Bountifully

Last week Aiden was eating an apple and bit into the core. He saw the apple seeds and wanted to know what they were. I explained how all trees and plants come from tiny seeds like these. Naturally, he asked if we could go outside and plant them.

We tried the next best thing. I remembered this trick from when I was in elementary school, and we wrapped the seeds in wet paper towel and tucked them into a plastic bag. We set it aside and I almost forgot about it. When Sean came home he asked what the heck was in the bag and I told him we wanted to see if the seeds would sprout. He was MIGHTY skeptical. He insisted that you can't just take seeds from a fruit and expect it to grow a plant. I asked him how he thought plants grew in the wild? Now, I realize we're not about to grow a prize winning, apple giving orchard starter here, but I was pretty certain it'd make a neat science experiment.

Lo and behold, a few days later I opened the bag and they had sprouted. Genuine roots were growing from the seeds in our meager little plastic bag. Over the weekend we took Aiden to Lowe's to pick out some pots and some more seeds and we've planted some herbs and put our little apple seeds into their own pot.

Everyday Aiden comes and checks their progress.

They might have had some very humble beginnings but it doesn't mean our little apple tree won't grow.

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Tierney said...

I hope that shut Sean's skepticism up!