Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nai Nai???

That's what Aiden calls Sean's mom: Nai Nai (I think I spelled it right), because that means father's mother in Chinese. Anyway, she came to visit this weekend but didn't get in until late Friday night. So early Saturday morning Aiden stumbles out of his room, sees her sleeping on the couch, and tiptoes into our room and asks "Nai Nai? There?" just to make sure this person was in fact his grandma and not some other person asleep on the couch. We assured him that , yes, it is she, and the non-stop weekend of fun began.

We took him to see Toy Story 3 that morning. I am the mother of a two year old, who's favorite words are "Buzz movie!", so I was convinced that it would be sold out and we'd have to find some other activity for that morning. I made sure we got to the theater extra early, to avoid the inevitable Toy Story frenzy. Of course when we got there the parking lot was empty and we were the only people in the theater. I really feel like I need my friends to come visit because if I've seriously started thinking the biggest thing happening in Hollywood right now is an animated cowboy doll, then I think I need some grown up time.

It was Aiden's first move theater experience and he loved it. It was in 3D so I sort of had to hold his glasses onto his face the whole time, while covering his ears because it was so loud. There was one scary scene where he leaped into my arms, but other than that he loved it. Sean and I, on the other hand, found it to be pretty sad. The first movie was released when we were kids, so now that this last one has the main character all grown up and leaving for college really struck a chord with us. The last ten minutes are SO SAD. They're supposed to be uplifting and hopeful but for me it was just so so sad.

After that adventure we went to the Charleston Crab Shack for dinner and it was delicious. We ordered way more food than we could eat, including a crab pot which is a whole pot of crab legs and mussels and sausage and corn and potatoes. It was so wonderful and a perfect end to Sean's mom's visit.

However, all of the pictures of it are on her camera, so instead I'll leave you with some pictures of Aiden decorating himself.


Vicki said...

I miss you guys

Vicki said...

I will sent the pictures

Vicki said...

I miss Aiden so much- I am going to Nigeria; Pictures will come after the trip