Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Technology Public Service Announcement

So, I'm not great with technology, I'm okay since I know enough to keep up this blog, but compared to many people my age I have average to low tech savvy. Sean and I don't even text message on our cell phones, we simply use them as phones. Barbaric right?

Anyway, I kept hearing all about these 'podcasts' on Itunes and I ignored them because what is a podcast anyway? Apparently it's a show that anyone can record on their own and upload for others to listen to. How do yo do that? I don't know.

I downloaded one last summer because it was free, which is the right price to get me interested in something, and it was so cool. I started out downloading episodes of A Prairie Home Companion (because I'm an old lady who love Garrison Keillor) , but I found a bunch of different shows that are also down-loadable for free.

So far, I've found a really funny show written by two moms about parenting, but I've also listened to Norman History, The Life of George III, Mandarin Chinese Lessons, Cafe French Lessons, and a bunch of short stories for Aiden (yes, I realize I have eclectic taste). The cool thing is that they're all free! Why spend hundreds of dollars on Rosetta Stone, when you can download free language lessons from Itunes?

I tried to get Sean into it by showing him the podcasts from the Wharton School of Business. They also have radio shows from the 30's and 40's, and even a podcast of Lance Armstrong coaching you through an hour long bike ride! How cool is that?

Anyway, I'm going nuts for them. Sean still isn't interested, but if you have Itunes you should check it out.

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What a good story