Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Week

The temperature has been hovering around100, with plenty of humidity, so that the heat index sits at a blistering 110-115. The heat broke today, and 95 has never felt so cool and refreshing. Also, this past week we've been continuing the potty training adventure. Those two factors have kept us inside most of the time.

I scream: the only appropriate food for this kind of weather

The potty training is finally starting to work. After two grueling days of constant supervision and ridiculous amounts of patience on my part, he's getting it!!! I feel like I've just won the Nobel prize or cured some terrible disease by the amount of pride I have in myself. I realize it's probably all him, but the fact that I've been able to bit my tongue every time I've wanted to scream in frustration seems like a huge accomplishment for me. We're both learning new tricks!

He's not 100% done with the whole process. He'll have four or five straight days with no accidents and then two days of apathy towards it that usually results in an accident or two and then back to loving it. However, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Also, he's okay with public restrooms which means we can actually venture out into the world (although we had a near tragic incident with an automatic flush toilet that I thought was going to scar him for life, but he's over it now).

Another factor that's improving the mood around here: SKYPE! We got our Skype (video chat) set up last month and we've been able to talk to Laura and my mother face to face (or screen to screen) which both Aiden and I love. He gets to see Grandma and Papa and Laura every few days now, which he looks forward to a lot.

Hi Grandma!

We'll be out and about again this week now that the potty is less of an issue and the heat is more bearable. Viva la potty!


LauraES said...

Yay for skype! It saved my life too. Love Ice cream in the undies!

Tierney said...

I need to skype with you!! I will have interwebs again starting this weekend! We need to set up a skype date!!!