Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wannamaker Park

So, this park was the main reason we decided on this particular apartment complex. No, we've never been there before today, but I had read so many great reveiws of it online. It's huge, much like our beloved Prospect Park, and it's got a water park, a pool, various ponds, a playground and the coolest feature of all:
An official Rolling Hill. It's sole purpose is to be climbed and rolled down. They take it very seriously.

We got there around noon, and since it's a Saturday every table and pavilion was reserved for birthday parties, so Aiden and I will have to come back during the week when it's less busy. Also, right before we got there Aiden got sunscreen in his eye and we had to crash a barbeque in the main pavilion to get some ice to put on it. Other than that though, it was gorgeous!!!

Poor baby!

When we got there, they had a whole troupe of African dancers. It was so neat, but Aiden was scared to death of the noisy drumming.

We decided to take a walk around the main lake. You can't see it, but there was another alligator here. Or, as Aiden calls them, WALLY-GATORS!!!

I'm not sure why "A Fed Gator Is A Dead Gator" but I'm going to try not to find out.

We also so a frog, a lizard and a snake. The snake made us nervous because Steinn, who grew up in Florida, warned us that snakes here, especially near the water, are probably poisonous.

We had to take a break because Aiden's eye still hurt and it was about a thousand degrees out and neither me or Sean wanted to carry him around. So we sat on a wooden swing overlooking the water, smelling the barbeque and listening to the bluegrass band playing in the field next to us, and it started to feel like what I imagine South Carolina would feel like.

A little bit of the band:

We only stayed for a short while because it was so packed and hot out, but we definitely plan on going back.

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