Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life's A Beach

We took off for Isle of Palms today, and took along Sean's new coworker/friend Steinn.

Ready for action!

Starting the castle

The view

Aiden made friends with the gulls by giving them half of his sandwich. All day he kept saying "here birds! come here!" like they were Bear. He also learned what a jellyfish was and that you should run screaming from them. (Also, we saw our first gator out back this morning!)

The engineers working on a world class moat.

Burying our troubles in the sand.

It was a great day, everyone had a blast. I was the only one who walked away with a sunburn, and yes, I've learned my lesson!


LauraES said...

I need to come visit you. Like RIGHT NOW.

Tierney said...

I love that you let your child sprint down the street away from you. Well done. And more sunscreen next time!!!