Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer So Far...

In the contest of me vs. summer, summer is winning.  We are starting in on our third (and a half?) week and I'm giving up any attempt at keeping the house clean and organized and I've lost hope on getting us anywhere farther than a half hour radius from home. 

I started out that first week assuring my friends that "Oh no, summer is wonderful! The kids have all been getting along so well! We're out to the park or library everyday!" while they complained that their kids were tearing each other and their houses apart. We had a one week grace period apparently because pretty soon after that the charm of having their big brother home/the excitement of being out of school wore off and now it's a long chorus of "he/she is touching me/my stuff/ just breathing in my general direction".  

We've been to alllll our favorite playgrounds and the library and had two camps and yeah...that's it. I'm fresh out of ideas.  We aren't taking a vacation due to Sean's highly unpredictable schedule for the next month or so and I'm trying to just take deep breaths and remember that this is what summer break is for: no particular plans other than reading books and playing and yes, learning to get along with your siblings. 

On the bright side we've been able to get out and about much more than last year (and all our kids sleep through the night hallelujah and high fives to everyone).  I can't say we aren't active because yeah, they never stop moving (or eating. I think our grocery bill has doubled now that Aiden is home all day). Aiden has one more camp and then I think I'm going to have to buck up and plan some local adventures for us. The kids don't care or notice that we're not having a vacation but I DO. I've got some good ideas but I just need to work up the courage to take them all by myself. In the meantime we'll be over here  playing soccer, rereading our favorite books for the 100th time, making chalk masterpieces on the driveway and eating sand. Wait, no, that last one is just Audrey.


Vicki said...

Beautiful kids they grew up so fast enjoy them

Tierney Gifford said...

Or.... Make Tierney go on the adventures with you!