Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dark Night of the Stomach and the Bright Light of Spring

Last Friday night we started our weekend by having dinner out. The weather was beautiful, the kids were great and I wasn't cooking. All good things. We got home from dinner, put the kids to bed and I felt exhausted. And weird. And then Aiden woke up covered in...vomit. Suddenly everything clicked. FOOD POISONING.

Aiden and I had shared a dinner, and within a half an hour of each other we were horribly ill. All night neither one of us slept, poor Sean ran back and forth and I tried to decide whether I was going to die or whether I just really hoped I was dying because I felt so awful. The next day we were still barely functioning. Both of our moms came over and brought (easily digestible) food and sympathy. Food poisoning was terrible. Until the next day when Sean got sick and my mom got sick and whoops that wasn't food poisoning happy stomach flu everyone! You're welcome, we love sharing, no need to send a Thank You note.

Sorry about that everyone we came into contact with. OUR BAD.

Luckily the baby never got it. Miracle of miracles. I have no idea how he avoided it. It didn't really matter that much however because he quickly came down with a pretty nasty cold. So all this past week we got nothing done, everyone was recovering from some bout of awful illness and there was just a whole lot of screaming and crying (even from me! Haha, alright, it was mostly just me. And Rory. We screamed a lot).

Needless to say, it was a rough week where I felt emotionally incapable of being a good parent and lamented not being able to take care of every little detail of our lives while regaining my strength and caring for sick kids. Fun stuff. Sean kept quietly whispering "And you still want a third kid? SERIOUSLY?". Yeah. I kind of do. Eventually. 3 would be nice. (Or 7. Or 15. Sorry, I need to keep myself in check here.)

However, this weekend pretty much made up for all of that awfulness. The weather finally acknowledged what the calendar has been saying for a month: it's Spring! We spent most of our time outside digging in the garden (me and Aiden) cleaning up the lawn (Sean) and eating grass and leaves (Rory). The kids ended each day sweaty, dirty and smelling like sunscreen. Basically, the proper way kids should look and smell.




Aiden also had his second swim class this weekend. I wasn't sure how he'd like having swim class in the giant High School pool with lots of new kids but he loves it. I'm pretty sure it's way too easy for him since he's already mastered most of the skills they're trying to introduce but we're kind of looking at it as a lesson in socialization. He's already gravitated towards the class clown as his new friend and has the teenage girl who assists with the class totally wrapped around his finger. Business as usual.

Rory is also learning some new skills as he decided to stand up. Out of the blue he decided he'd like to see inside the tub as it was filling with water and boom, there he was standing up, peeking over the edge and looking like he couldn't understand why Sean and I were shrieking with excitement. My guess is that he's never going to properly crawl. He'll do this weird army crawl and then he'll walk. That will be that.

Anyway, now that we're through with illness and ill weather everything is looking up. Here's a goodbye kiss from Rory:

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