Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Ready

We are in the final stretch of waiting for the baby. I've been being closely monitored because of the medication I'm taking and each appointment has brought a different opinion of how close I am to labor. One week they're telling me to have my bag packed and ready and the next they're saying everything seems to be at a stand still. It was driving me crazy and I had nearly reconciled myself to being pregnant long into July when one doctor brought up having an induction.

I was induced with Aiden due to being a week and a half overdue but I really hadn't considered it this time. She was worried about potential complications with the medicine and pointed out that if I had just taken a dose and went into labor soon afterward it would be unlikely that I'd be able to have any pain meds. I hadn't really considered having an induction this time but I'm comfortable with the decision. Her arguments made a lot of sense but I won't lie and say that being this rotund and exhausted in the middle of a heat wave didn't have some small effect on my decision. That and the fact that I'm a planner and I can now have all the loose ends tied up before labor. I just hope everything goes as smoothly as it did with Aiden.

We all keep discussing what this baby might look like. Aiden looked a lot like Sean with brown eyes and brown hair (a fabulously thick and long mane of it no less). But we also have three blue eyed parents between us. There's lots of hazel eyed people, a fair number of blonde and auburn haired relatives too, so it's a total crap shoot genetically. I'm excited for the surprise.

 Testing out the infant carseat

 Resting before the big day

The induction, which will be Monday, has basically consumed our thoughts. We're busy cleaning, doing laundry and stocking up on groceries. Aiden will stay with my mom while I'm in the hospital and he keeps telling everyone how he's going to get pizza at her house! Yay! He's very excited to meet his "brudder" and asks what each of the baby items around the house are for. When he picked up a diaper I explained that the baby won't be potty trained. He wrinkled his nose and said "He just poops in these?!" as if wasn't just two years ago that he was doing the same thing. I was worried in the beginning that he would feel displaced by a new sibling, and I'm sure there will still be some rough moments, but overall he's embraced this role of little helper. He is so proud of himself when I point out all the things he can do that he'll have to help his brother learn and he is constantly wanting to help me with all sorts of tasks around the house. I just hope some of this sticks after we bring the baby home.

In the mean time we're enjoying our last few days as a family of three.

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