Sunday, May 22, 2011

Suprise! No...Not Really.

Aiden just got his 'start of summer' super short haircut. He also got his first black-eye, earned by whacking himself in the eye with a toy. He's also in shorts constantly now that the weather is regularly 70ish or warmer. All of these things combined make him seem like he's grown a ton in the past week. His big boy buzz cut, a purple-blue shiner and impossibly long legs sticking out from last years shorts.

Also, the things that come out of his mouth lately leave me flabbergasted (and occasionally wishing I watched my own mouth more carefully).

We were in the yard and a very old, very loud car drove past. Aiden made a face and muttered "beater car". It cracked me up. Sean and I always refer to junk cars as "beaters" and I guess he was listening.

Yesterday he came up and showed me a little red mark on his leg and promptly declared "A pimple! I got pimples all over!". This made me cringe a little since he's obviously heard either Sean or I complain about our skin (not that we really have pimples all over, but I know I can be oh... a LITTLE DRAMATIC when I do find one).

Perhaps the funniest thing he's started saying is "SURPRISE!" and then telling me what wants.
"Surprise! You let me watch a movie!" or "Surprise! You give me chocolate now!". I sure wish surprises worked that way.

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