Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Sunday Is Your Friday, and Other Nonsense.

So, Sean is finally done with his first night shift rotation. To say that I am blissfully thankful would be an understatement. You see, it started off really great. We realized that instead of Sean coming home from work really late in the evening and thus missing dinner with Aiden and I, he was now home for 2 meals with us! We'd share a big breakfast together when he came home and he'd have dinner with us before work. Lovely! He also ended up getting a couple more hours of sleep than he would if he were working a regular day shift.

We soon realized however, that after seven days of this night shift nonsense, the benefits definitely don't outweigh the negatives. Sure, we share two meals together. We also don't have a single moment alone as Aiden is awake both morning and evening. Those extra hours of sleep he gets during the day? Doesn't matter since it's still miserable to stay up all night.

Not only that, I realized it's not fun to try and keep Aiden from making too much noise while Sean's asleep. It also means no noisy chores like vacuuming or really any kind of cleaning upstairs at all, and I realized that I hate being alone seven nights in a row.

Also, seven straight days of work, whether day/swing/evening, is a long long week. By Tuesday night, his last before a two day break, I was miserable and so was he. And now it's our Sunday evening. Yes, I realize it's Friday evening, but Sean's week starts tomorrow.

This is definitely going to take some getting used to.

We did have a lovely two day break together though. We visited friends, got hit with another snowstorm (although I don't think it's ever really stopped snowing between storms so it's like a really big two week storm) and tried our best to do a whole lot of nothing while we both recovered from this new schedule. Hopefully we start figuring out what works best for us and how to maximize our time together. At least this next week is regular day shifts!

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Tierney said...

Great pics! I need to come watch the skiing, preferably when it is a bit warmer!