Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Puppy!...I Mean, Year!

So, our new little puppy is here and is currently asleep on my right foot. He's an adorable little sheltie, only 12 weeks and not quite 4 pounds. We picked him up on Friday after driving for hours and hours up into northern New York, through the candy cane forest, over the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops (okay, yes, that's from the movie Elf), and onto the ferry across Lake Champlain to Vermont. Then we drove an hour more into the country and down one long unplowed dirt road to reach the home of his breeders.

They told us that they were selling him because he was unfit to be a showdog like his three sisters. Apparently a puppy that doesn't bark or jump or nip and just likes to curl up in your lap makes a bad showdog but a very, very good house pet. Sometimes I wonder if he's actually a kitten and not a dog at all.

It's been a surprisingly easy transition. He's half house trained, but he doesn't bark at night and although he does like to chew he never nips at us. He's a doll.

His name is Bo. Actually, Aiden named him Rainbow but Sean and I decided to spare the poor puppy's manly pride and call him Bo.

Here he is:


Demosthenes said...

OMG! Adorable! I'll trade you my dog-like cat for your cat-like dog. (:

Kel said...

I found out yesterday that Obama named his dog Bo. Just saying that you guys are kinda like the first family. Nice job.

LauraES said...

I thought it was Beau? Like the southern spelling.

June & Sean said...

Well, it was Beau when we named him. However, since Aiden renamed him Rainbow, we just go with Bo. Luckily he's a dog and never has to sign his name so he won't get confused. And they sound exactly the same anyway.