Sunday, January 9, 2011

Man Cold

You guys, both Aiden and Sean colds. It's similar to a cold a women gets except....much worse. The whole earth must come to a screeching halt to tend to the needs of a man suffering from a man cold.

Sean's started last week and he's generally been in good spirits as long as I ensure he's always got a cup of hot tea with honey. And fresh baked goods. And as long as I stop every few hours and say something along the lines of " are you holding up? Are you SURE you're okay?".

Aiden woke up with it today. It's kind of funny to see how he acts when he's sick because he tries to get away with murder. He's completely stopped speaking, merely moaning and grunting and pointing at what he wants. He decided he wanted a cookie and groaned until I brought him one, hoping it would make him feel better. When I handed it to him part of it crumbled and he looked up at me with a frown and finally said "ugh...It's broken!".

Yes, I'm on high alert over here with the sick men. I just hope none of the other men in our family catch it.

My friend Tierney told me about this video and it's pretty accurate:

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Kel said...

Hahaha, I love it! The video is accurate! Poor family, I hope they recover quickly!