Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just In Case You Thought Winter Was Over

Sometime in early February I told Sean the snow was done. Obviously my amateur meteorology skills leave something to be desired. He said there'd be one more good snow before we were done, and a week later it snowed about five inches. As of yesterday, when it was a gorgeous 41 degrees and sunny, we knew spring was finally right around the corner. It must be!

Then I got home from school and checked the weather. It was the most honest weather report I'd ever read: it said there were so many different weather patterns converging all at once that they had no idea what was going on for the next few days, but it would involve snow. Or rain. Or sleet.

So here are some pictures of whats actually happening, and yes, it involves a lot of snow.

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Vicki said...

Alps is suuny and beautiful. Hope you could visit us soon