Thursday, January 15, 2015

One Year!

I really can't believe she's been here for a whole year. I mean, she just got here and now she's not technically an infant anymore. I remember being so anxious about what life would be like when she got here, seeing as how we still had a very smallish toddler and a big kid who had lots of important activities and such. Back to back pregnancy and nursing is hard stuff but apparently she knew this and has been so surprisingly easy on us.

This lady is made out of sunshine, and giggles and an iron clad will. She is by far the most social kid I've met, everyone is a friend! She loves all the people. Like Buddy the Elf, she just likes smiling, smiling is her favorite. One of the few things in life that annoys her is when she feels like people aren't being friendly back. At the doctors office or in line at the store, if she waves and smiles, you better be prepared to return the favor or she may start making raptor noises until you give the lady her due attention.

Audrey's favorite foods are mashed potatoes, peas, eggs and bananas.  She loves her bunny blanket, trying to climb the stairs and touching peoples eyelashes (yes, that last one is odd but she loves eyelashes. No idea why).

She loves her brothers and has quickly realized that she can crash through any game they are playing and they will both stand there moaning "Audreeeeey, nooooooo" but not actually stop her at all. Obviously we step in but it's clear she's got no fear of them. Sean has it the worst of all. He is so beyond in love with her and I have a feeling he'd agree to anything she wanted.

I am finally seeing Sean's side of things from a parenting perspective. When we had the boys I did (and do) feel like all they need is our love, acceptance and boundaries and they will develop into who they are meant to be. He agrees, but there's a lot of pressure as a man to help them become men, something I am 100% unfamiliar with. For better or for worse you have expectations of what you think they should be and it can be hard to see past these preconceived notions to who they actually are. Now that we have a girl, I GET IT. Sean is now the one who feels like she just needs tons of love and acceptance and she will flower into the attorney general/CEO/ballerina/Queen of her life she's meant to be while I'm over here thinking of all the ISSUES we need to discuss and prepare for and oh God there STILL isn't a woman president.

To be honest, the world isn't the most friendly place for women yet. There are still people from many different beliefs systems and political arenas who don't want you to wear this or do that or say this. It bugged me before but man, I'm a mama lion now and no one's telling my daughter how to handle her own body or trying to shame her for being a woman. In a dress or pants, makeup or buzz cut, married, single, kids or no kids, watch out. She's going to be a force. Sorry to get all Molly Weasley on you, but it's true. My goodness, how did I get up on this soap box? Let me just hop down over here...

She has truly completed our family. I am so happy that our amazing boys have a sister in their life and that she has these two fantastic brothers to learn from.  Already, she and her brothers inspire me to be a better person and I can't wait to see who she becomes and who else she inspires as she gets older.