Sunday, December 14, 2014

Aiden Turns 7


Last Friday Aiden had his seventh birthday. He celebrated by taking some cookies in for his class and then yesterday he had a party with his friends from school. He decided he'd like to have the party at the pottery painting studio and having 10 sugar addled six year olds in a small room with paint and breakable pottery actually went very smoothly. Everyone seemed to have a great time and after a coule years of smaller birthday parties he was excited to have a big to-do.

Watching Aiden mature and grow this past year has been wonderful. He is becoming so independent and turning into a really interesting human being. That sounds strange but sometimes we start talking and he tells me these hilarious and really weird stories about school or his friends or whatever happens to be floating around his head. Other times he doesn't want to talk at all because ugh, mom, whatever.

 He is whip smart and it can make being a parent very difficult. The other week I was saying goodnight to him and I said "I love you and remember that you are so special". He then asked me if everyone was created equal which I answered with yes of course, and he said "If everyone is equal and I'm special then everyone is special....and that's not really special is it?". Okay baby Socrates. Another night he asked me what adoption was and after we talked about it he asked if I'd always be here. I assured him that I would do everything in my power to be here as long as I could which then led to a discussion about things we should do to stay healthy. Nothing like hearing your kid say "Goodnight! Love you! Don't get too tired if you're swimming in deep water!" as you're turning out the light.

 He is no nonsense, our rule follower, and yet he has this creative side. As much as he loves math he also loves drawing. He likes everything to make sense and be as black and white as possible but then he has this fascination with God and the universe and so many gray areas. I don't even know what I think or believe about some of the things he asks me and it leads to some really beautiful conversations and I realize that we sort of work through it together. That has been my experience with Aiden right from the moment he was born. I thought being his mother would be me leading him down a path but it's really been us walking down it side by side, figuring it out as we go.



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