Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

So since it's mid-November and we're about to start the holiday craziness I thought I'd better get around to finally posting some pictures from Halloween. This year Aiden went as a shark, and he LOVED the costume that we borrowed from Sean's sister, and almost every house he trick-or-treated at commented on how awesome it was. Halloween win. Rory, who is still at the mercy of his parents, went as James Bond. We loved it. He was on the fence about it and mostly distracted by all the other festivities. Audrey was a teddy bear since she's just a wee baby and it was the warmest thing we had.

Dead ringer:
Aiden had his school parade which was adorable and then his class acted out a little Halloween story. I took about four thousand pictures and none of them really came out, but here's Aiden at the parade: 

We all went out to trick or treat together and after about ten houses the babies were ready for bed so I took them home while Aiden and Sean went out for a more serious round. They were extremely successful and I was very satisfied with the variety they brought me. I mean...that's Aiden's candy and I would never touch it. 

This fall has been getting progressively busier. September started and Aiden didn't have a single after school activity and I thought things would be pretty laid back but within three weeks he was signed up for piano lessons, chemistry club and a painting class. There is homework and play dates in between. I have just about lost my mind trying to keep track of his schedule this year.

Audrey, while still a darling, decided overnight a few weeks ago that she's going to start standing and practicing walking. She's a bit of a dare devil right now and requires a lot of attention or she tries to climb the stairs or furniture. 


In other news, Rory got an actual serious haircut. He looks way older now and I already miss him. He's talking up a storm and is a such a joker. He stills loves to call me June, which both cute and exasperating. Typical Rory.

 Whew, now that I've put those Halloween pictures up I'm all ready for Thanksgiving!

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