Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eyes Open

Sean, whose has finally succumb and traded in his reading glasses for contacts, has been wandering around the house all day today commenting on how clearly he can see everything. He used to wear his glasses for driving or when he was on the computer but, as his eyesight has slipped a little more in the past few years, he decided he'd better try something more consistent.

This whole summer seems to have passed in a blur of heat and sun and errands and grocery shopping. I feel like I too have been walking around, making out the shapes of everything around me but not really seeing them. I've been going from day to day and chore to chore without really focusing on anything. There have been a lot of loops and curves thrown our way in the past couple of months and it's so easy to sort of check out of it all and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other without looking at where you're going.

I was walking down the hallway and I reached out and grabbed Aiden as he was sprinting past me. We were wrapped up in one of those rib crushing hugs when it occurred to me that I hadn't done that in a while. That stop-you-in-your-tracks feeling of rediscovering something that never should have gotten away is not one I want to have again. I want to ensure that there will always be bear hugs and belly tickling and I want Aiden to know that I am always focused on him, no matter what else is going on or how crazy life gets. I've got to make sure I stop, listen and watch.

Life has been moving fast lately. Summer is slipping by and soon he'll be starting preschool. The realization that he is growing so quickly and there isn't even time to blink because you'll miss something has hit me so hard. I want to make sure I'm always looking, always watching, even when things get messy because you never know when you might see something beautiful.

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