Friday, August 19, 2011

To-School Fashion

I would say "Back to School" but as Aiden has never gone, he won't be going back will he? Tricky.

Anyway, we had planned to head to our local outlet stores to get Aiden some school clothes and on Wednesday afternoon we just decided it seemed like the right time. Both Sean and I are pretty frugal people, so much so that we literally got into a debate today over whether or not I should purchase the all important September issue of vogue because in Sean's opinion $5 should get me a book not just a magazine issue. He finally relented but said that if I get Vogue then he gets a box of double chocolate Klondike Bars. It's all about compromise in our house.

Anyway, something snapped inside of us when we stepped into Osh-Kosh. Suddenly we knew that our three year old deserved the most stupendous school wardrobe the world has ever seen and no expense would be spared. We were picking up mini blue jeans and tiny little rugby shirts willy-nilly. Dress shirts with teensy blue pinstripes? Yes please. Cool looking navy and white track jackets? Don't mind if we do! Aiden, of course, had no interest in any of this and we were about to check out when he decided he wanted some striped hooded sweatshirts, so we had to get them too since it was the only thing he'd actually agreed to.

As for shoes, Aiden is now the proud owner of new Sperry's topsiders. Apparently he's going to start life as a preschooler looking like he owns a sailboat and has a summer compound in the Hamptons. Sean just has such preppy taste and it felt like we were finally bonding over clothing, one of my life's passions. It's not often his eyes light up while browsing sweaters or he wants to have a conversation about different denim rinses. When the moment happens you just have to seize it. So I did. And now our kid could be an extra in a Polo ad.

Anyway, we rounded out the trip with a stop at Coach, where Sean ever so graciously bought me a purse. I'm pretty sure it was a lingering effect from whatever overtook us in the Osh-Kosh store but nonetheless it was a very sweet gesture and I'm very grateful.

On a whim we found ourselves wandering Harry and David and it wasn't until we were walking out with a bag full of cake and cookies that we realized we were really hungry and sleepy and should probably not open our wallet again while in this state, so we got dinner and drove home.

Once we were home Aiden suddenly took an interest in these big bags of stuff we'd gotten him and he actually asked to try it all on. So we did:

I maybe slightly biased but he's gorgeous.

"Gross mom, leave me alone"

Sa-weet track jacket.

"This is my winking face!"

Cutest. Backpack. Ever.

"Mom, can I wear this to bed? PLEASE?"


Demosthenes said...

"My clothes have to match?" was a phrase that actually passed Ben's lips while we were talking about the color of his shirt for the wedding. I swear, sometimes I just want to hit him over the head with something very large and very heavy. I'm lucky if I can get him to step into Kohl's twice a year to pick up a new pair of pants and a shirt or two. I needed to have married my gay roommate from college, I guess, in order to get my fashion fix.

I'm about THIS close from going shopping at Coach for myself. All my hints about Coach bags and my birthday coming up in October seem to be going over Ben's head. And they have a few patent leather shoulder bag designs I just don't want to pass up!

June said...

The Coach trip was shockingly out of character for Sean. Lovely, but probably once in a lifetime. You should go yourself, we did the outlets in Lee, MA. and they have some crazy good deals.

And I remember the one time we went clothes shopping for Ben. It was tantamount to torture for everyone involved so I have a lot of respect for you : )

June said...

Ooh, p.s., if you went to Lee then Laura and I could come meet you!