Thursday, July 8, 2010

He's Got a Way With Words

"lot's more, please"

When Aiden went in for his two year appointment, I was dreading the doctor asking about his speech. We have a pretty old school pediatrician (he WAS Sean's pediatrician, so I should've been prepared). He is always looking out for the worst case, which I appreciate, but it usually scares me. When Aiden starting pulling himself up at six months, a ridiculously early age, he told us Aiden would most likely need leg braces. Aiden didn't. At his 18 month appointment he told us Aiden should know 100 words by age two, or he may need therapy. Aiden didn't know, or at least didn't say, 100 words. I was worried.

However, my mom likes to tell the story about how I refused to talk as a child, grunting and pointing to what I wanted while my older brother ran to fetch it. Then one day I said "Mommy, hold my hand!" and that was that. Aiden has pretty much followed in my footsteps. He was never big on saying real words, preferring his own garbled gibberish, so his vocabulary was pretty limited. But now he's busting out full sentances and phrases, rather than tripping along one word at a time like the doctor said he would.

Some of his favorites are "That's very loud" which he says when planes fly overhead. An amusing one is "I'm sorry. Didn't mean it!" which he likes to say when he bumps into things. He'll readily apologize to me, the dog, the wall. Every morning after breakfast he proposes an activity for the day: "beach, yes? Go swimming!". He still has some mispronunciations, like "lunch" which he refers to as "munch". He'll actually refer to any meal as "munch". He's also saying "lot's more please", usually in reference to cookies, and "much better" which he will randomly throw out. We turned the t.v. off.."much better". He's going to take a bath: "much better!".

It's so funny to see what phrases he picks up. I had no idea we said "much better" so often. There's something so heartbreakingly earnest about how he picks and chooses what words to say. Now that he's started speaking, I'm feeling "much better".


LauraES said...

Don't let him grow anymore in the next week, okay?

Tierney said...

I can't wait to hear him!