Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worn Out from the Weekend

This was a big, big weekend. The weather was so nice that we were constantly on the go, getting things done, and now that it's Sunday night I am ready to fall asleep standing up. Every night this past week we've made an effort to take Aiden out for a long walk in his big green car that my stepdad, or Papa as Aiden calls him, gave him for Christmas. So, naturally, we kicked the weekend off with another trek around the neighborhood.

The envy of the neighborhood under-6 set

Then on Saturday morning, we went to Starbucks with my mom and got a Frappuccino (to celebrate the 70 degree weather) and took Aiden to the elementary school playground. He proceeded to run laps up onto the playground equipment, over the bridges, through the tunnels, and down the slide for about two hours. My mom, Sean and I were all trying to keep up with him and it was so much fun and so utterly exhausting at the same time.

If we weren't tired enough, we came home and Sean proceeded to start resealing the deck. Friday he carefully sanded the ENTIRE deck (it's pretty big) and it took both Saturday and Sunday, working late into the night both days, to finish the entire thing. It was an amazing feat involving a lot of power tools and varnish and manly things like that. I was impressed and quite happy to have married such a hardworking guy.

Before: weather-worn and gray

After: GORGEOUS, you're all invited for a BBQ

So in addition to park hopping and walk-taking, we made several trips to Lowes, where I also picked up a new edger for next week's project: painting the two unfinished bedrooms! I can barely contain my excitement.

After all of this, I still finished my schoolwork and did two loads of laundry, although the gigantic ham Sean bought did not get cooked and will have to be saved for Tuesday.

Now I would just like to fall into bed and sleep for about a hundred years.


LauraES said...


First walk that adorable baby, and his green car to my house ASAP. I need a skype fix!

Second, the deck looks AMAZING!

Miss you an insane amount!

Tierney said...

Good job Seany. BBQ is a must. And can I fall into bed too? (not meant in any dirty or awkward sense, you just have a super comfy bed!!!)