Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Captain Underpants

(No, he's not really wearing underpants, it's just his onesie snapped over his pajamas)

I have been having potty training anxiety on Aiden's behalf since he was about eight months old. Maybe it's because I'm a psych major and I've been reading too much Freud, but it seems like such a huge deal and I have zero idea how to go about it. Everyone has their theories, some seem reasonable and some seem like they're verging on abusive, but everyone has an opinion. Children typically potty train somewhere between 18 months and 3 years, with girls leaning toward the early side and boys lagging behind a bit, but I know the process can take a while so we've gradually been getting Aiden comfortable with the potty.

For awhile, he was pretty frightened and confused by the whole idea, but slowly he'd sit on it once and while, and now he's really comfortable with it. I had planned to wait until summer when I'd be home all day with him, but since he's been home with Sean most days they've been working on it and Aiden actually seems ready! He will willingly sit on the potty almost any time we ask him, and he's been telling us before he needs to go. He loves to wear Pull-ups and flushing the toilet and generally being independent. My main concern is that I'd like to keep this momentum going and start a regular routine with the potty, but he'll be heading back to daycare in a month and I'm afraid he won't be comfortable enough around his new teachers to go at school. We could still wait until summer to really get him going on it, but that seems like throwing away a lot of progress. I don't know what to d0! My stepdad always tells me not to worry about it because every adult he knows is potty trained, so whenever it happens, Aiden will get there. I wish I were that laid back!

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Kelyn Petrie said...

You have the cutest son ever. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun! And don't worry, Aiden will figure out the potty thing in his own time!