Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Playground Day

"I see you!" : Aiden's newest sentance
Of coures, it comes out closer to "Ah seeee ohhhh!"

It was fifty degrees today! Only twenty degrees away from spring weather! We went to the playground to take advantage of it, and we met a nice stay-at-home-dad and his two daughters. Aiden had a blast playing with the older girl, who was five and very blonde (this is his favorite type of girl. Who'd have thought a two year old could have a 'type' right? It's true though, he naturally gravitates towards older blonde women).

She came over to me and said "watch out for the bull pits! they're all over the place!". I nodded, having zero idea what she was talking about until two unleashed pitbulls came trotting over. Luckily, a police officer came and claimed them.

Then the girl's father came over to strike up a conversation about how he likes to take them into the woods and teach them to find dry wood that can be whittled into tinder, which they use along with two large sticks and a few bars of magnesium to makes campfires. He advised me to keep the magnesium out of Aiden's reach since it burns at about 3,000 degrees.

This is a new face Aiden has been trying out. Whenever I say something he doesn't like or he just doesn't want to listen, he looks as far to the side as he can and pretends to smile. I also tried out this face while I listened to the playground dad talk about how I should carry a pocketknife, in case I need to whittle dried sticks into tinder, so that I can start campfires where ever I happen to be.

Yep, the warm weather brings all the crazies out.


Demosthenes said...

So, Ben and I went to REI a few weekends back to get some necessary stuff for our skiing trip. It was another one of those terribly nice days where we didn't just want to hop in the car and drive home, so we walked around the store for a while. It ended up that we absolutely COULD NOT leave the store without Ben buying one of those camping firestarters with the steel and magnesium-coated stick with which to swipe it against.

Needless to say, the only thing he's managed to do with it so far is scare our cats and POSSIBLY light a small piece of paper on fire at my parents house on the front steps, but I did not see this event. (:

June & Sean said...

He would've loved this guy then. He was like a fire starting maniac...wait that's a pyro....we he wasn't a pyro but he sure loved fire.

Vicki said...

I love all his pictures and posted at work.