Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Bumpdate

It's sort of like an update, except it's about my bump. I actually just cringed a little writing "my bump" but it sounded less weird than "physical rotundity resulting from the gestation of a human".

Anyway, semantics aside, I feel like I haven't written much about pregnancy this time around and I figured I'd better record some of my thoughts before I forget them (in five seconds or so). We've pretty much already told everyone the saga of the mystery baby but after 3 (3!!!) ultrasounds, the last of which we paid for out of pocket and out of desperation, we found out we're having a girl! My feelings about that? Imagine a pink cannon shooting off a trillion pieces of pink confetti over me while I'm riding around on the back of a pink convertible while wearing a pink sash and crown and waving joyfully to all of you. That about sums it up.

Sean is excited too. Not pink confetti cannon excited, but he pointed out the fact that having a girl this time around sort of makes if feel like we're going through it for the first time. There is so much we haven't experienced. I realize that babies are babies, be they boy girl or puppy, but it feels different this time. Not better or worse, just different.

Emotionally, I'm in a pretty good place. The first six weeks were really hard and I realized that a lot of it was being so sick. It made it really hard to imagine how I could care for three kids when I could barely get up off the couch. Now that the morning sickness is gone, everything seems much more manageable. Sean even told me that I've been the nicest during this pregnancy. Thanks Sean.

Physically? Oh jeez I am so sore. My backs, my hips, my arms. Pretty certain it has nothing to do with being pregnant and everything to do with Rory. When I was pregnant with him I had tons of energy and felt all glowy and magical and now I just want some ice cream and a nap. This is what happens when you have a toddler to chase instead of a nice and independent four year old. Lesson learned.  I'm convinced I'm going to go into early labor this time around. Not dangerously early, just inconveniently early. This fear was solidified when my dental hygienist mentioned that with her last pregnancy she was due a week before me in January and had her daughter on Christmas. That would be.....not awesome.

All the backaches and tiredness and uncertainty totally disappeared for a moment though the first time I heard Sean refer to this baby as our daughter. I don't know why those words got to me but they did. We were in a bookstore and he had picked up a book covered in flowers and butterflies and he said "We have to get this for our daughter. She needs this" and off he went to buy it. Maybe it's because seeing how much he already loves her reminds me how much he loves me.

And now on a less sappy note, the first and most likely last picture of ze bump:

Just Sean, me and our daughter. Oh and that random guy in the back. One big happy family.

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