Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apples of My Eye

We took the kids to the farm and apple orchard for the past two weekends. We have had so much going on lately that it was so refreshing to take them out for completely kid-centric fun. We visited two separate apple orchards and each place had so much to offer. Of course, taking the kids out seemed like a good idea but right before we left I keep thinking how tired I was and how late it was and blah blah blah. I sucked it up, and wow, was it ever worth it. They had a ton of fun and I was able to eat my body weight in cider donuts. So much was right with the whole day.

Just look at Easy Rider over here. 

This is his "I'm on a to a purdy lady" face.


Other than these small breaks for recreation, we have been going nonstop. This transition into school has been wonderfully smooth for Aiden (minus a few exhaustion induced meltdowns) but a leeeetle harder for me. I won't lie, it's the getting up early thing. I actually like getting up early and have no problem getting everyone ready for the day, the problem comes at 11am when I suddenly want to go back to bed and nap into the afternoon. I can't do this obviously, so I end up sitting down to watch a movie at 9pm with Sean and falling asleep five minutes into it and demanding he turn it off. I'm so fun.

Aiden still has soccer every week and a game every weekend, which is another cause of all the crazy. Fate has it so that soccer practice and school events ALWAYS coincide. We run to one to the other and everyone's head it spinning and yeah, Tuesday has become the bane of my existence.

One such event was last night's Back to School night where Sean and I pretended to be grownups and went and chatted with Aiden's teacher. She reported that he is very, very quiet but just about the best direction follower she's ever met. Yup, between my social awkwardness and Sean's obsession with PROCEDURAL COMPLIANCE, we are not surprised. At all.

Aiden may not be talking but somebody else is!!! Rory, in the past month or so, has had some kind of language explosion. He started off the summer with this new head banging tantrum routine that had me really worried. It was obvious he was getting really frustrated at not being able to communicate, and since I remember that Aiden didn't speak recognizable words until the ripe old age of two, I was worried. Aiden had zero words at this age but suddenly Rory has many. You give him something, he says "Thank you". He wants to hug the dog, he says "Sit!". You leave, he says "Bye bye!". On and on, all these new words in addition to "What's that?", "Daddy" and his favorite word in the world: "AIDEN!" Not only is he speaking but he understands and actually follows simple requests like "Please come here" or "sit down" and "please stop". It has made life with him pretty wonderful.

Even with our new jam packed schedules we have been really enjoying life as of late. Sean goes back to his previous rotating shift schedule next month so we're trying to enjoy the freedom we have right now. These two kids make that a lot easier.

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