Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No News Is Frustrating News

I have been waiting, not very patiently, for my Dr.'s appointment today so that Sean and I could get another peek at this baby and finally know if we've got a Mr. or Miss on our hands. Everyone I talked to this week seemed to dreamily reminisce about how they waited to find out the sex of their baby until it was born. I always replied something along the lines of "How very nice for you but I'm quite certain my head would explode if I tried to wait that long, pregnancy and childbirth are full of surprises and well I GOTTA KNOW". I'm, uh, not very laid back about some things, can you tell?

Well, in we marched at 8am sharp, and the ultrasound tech proceeded to poke and prod and huff and puff in frustration.

Her: "They're in a really low position and I can't see the brain very well, or the heart or the abdomen"
Me: "Yes, yes, right, whatever, keep going"
Her: "I can try and figure out the sex though.....(we waited for about 100 years here)....nope. The legs are crossed and they won't move".

NO. Nooooooooooooo. No no no no no.  This baby is grounded! Time out for you baby. The tech then said she'd venture a guess that it's a girl simply because she couldn't see any hint of boy parts, no matter the angle she tried, but we'll just have to wait two more weeks and they'll try again. Even though she had a difficult time seeing the rest of the organs they all look great. A healthy baby, but a stubborn one it seems.  

At least there's lots to do in the meantime. Aiden starts school in 2 weeks. We finally caved at bought his school supplies and are going to restock his wardrobe this week since he's grown out of every last item of clothing except a handful of tee shirts. He's had lots of play dates with fellow new-kindergarteners and gets to go on a practice bus ride this week. I have every confidence that he will have a great time at school, but I am worried about whether or not he'll actually get on the bus without hysterics. 

Rory is still not walking on his own*, although he will happily walk around just barely touching someone's hand. It like in the old road runner cartoons however: the minute he realizes he's walking or standing without holding on he just plunks right down to the floor. At least Aiden loves to hold his hand and walk around the house in circles over and over again. Hopefully with a little more practice he'll be confident enough to let go.

We're going to try and fit in a few more fun activities before the end of summer. Today I took the boys to the science museum to see an exhibit on dinosaurs and it was only as we were walking in that I realized maybe big moving and roaring dinos might be a little scary for the kids. Whoops. Aiden was a little scared at first but warmed up as we went along while Rory being Rory was ready to fashion a saddle out of my purse and ride them around the room.    

These two guys have been so much fun this summer that I can't even imagine the hijinks that will come with a third.


* About three hours after I wrote this Rory was clinging for dear life to the edge of the table where he spied some grapes he was not supposed to have. He then grabbed those grapes and WALKED away across the kitchen all by his lonesome while stuffing them in his mouth. So there. HE WALKS. 14 months old.

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Anonymous said...

Ça fait longtemps.

Those are quite the beautiful children that you have acquired, friend. You have been truly blessed in that regard.

There is one thing that irks me though; it seems that these two look nothing alike. It is almost as if they were bred from two distinct fathers! The brunette appears to have grown into quite the dashing young fellow nonetheless.

Sans rancune.