Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Is Here

It's summer, Aiden is out of school, and I have 5,000 pictures to prove it. I haven't posted anything in forevah, because we've had a lot going on. Here are some of those things:

Aiden finished his preschool career with the annual spring show which was full of adorable. He sang his little heart out despite the fact that it was only slightly cooler than the surface of the sun.

He is now officially Kindergarten bound! He went through the district pre-kindergarten testing and has been assigned to a class and even received his Official List of Class Supplies. He's just excited to get a new backpack. He's requested one with a snake on it. I'd better get searching.

His change in personality as of late has been completely astounding. He's gone from meek and tentative to being full of action and opinions. LOTS of opinions. He never went through a "terrible twos" but boy has five been a challenge. With this new personality in mind, I signed him up for several summer camps. In the past I would've had to pry him off my leg to get him into a new activity but now he's charging forward ready to try anything. ONe new major feat? He's riding his bike without training wheels. The confidence boost he's gotten from this accomplishment is just fantastic. He's becoming so self assured! He just finished a week of soccer camp and will be starting art camp this week. My baby in shin guards:

Magnet ball!

And of course we just celebrated Rory's 1st birthday.  He too has done a complete 180 personality-wise. He spent a lot of his first year suffering from colic, and then near constant teething and head colds. It was rough for everyone. Now however, he's Mr. Sunshine. Everything is funny and enjoyable and his loves to act like a ham. It turns out that he's also quite the snuggler. If he happens to find something (or someone) soft, he will crawl over to it and snuggle his face against it. Your shirt, a pillow, a blanket or your love handles. It doesn't matter. If it's squishy he wants to hug it. It's a little weird and a little nice. 

We did discover that he is not a fan of cake. We let him have his own special slice of birthday cake and he took one bite and pushed it off his try. No sweet tooth here.

Between the camps and the birthday and the other various activities the boys have had a lot of quality time to play together. They are becoming better friends and we've really enjoying have lots of unscheduled time to enjoy the season.

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they are so cute together.